Cigarette Lighters, Cup Holders, Mirrors and Electrical


Robot Head Cup Holder


This is a Chrome Robot Head Cup Holder.  Really neat looking.  It sleeps until you put a cup or soda can in, its Eyes Actually open.  It's Alive!!  It can clip to your A/C vents to keep it cold. A Really unique and different drink holder for your car. 

 Robot Head Cup Holder $16


Chrome 6 LED Automotive Cigarette Lighter

This is a 6 LED Fully Functional Chrome Car Cigarette Lighter.  It fits Cigarette Lighters in the factory hole and you can actually use it.  It is a shiny chrome with the smoking symbol on the top.   Just push the button on top to make the lights move, creates an 8 sequence light show with the super bright LEDs.  Comes with the batteries to get it started.  Just pop it in and go.  

    BLUE Cigarette Lighter LED Out Of Stock                         Red Cigarette Lighter LED $18



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