Customer Pictures!


67 Fore Van Pelt truc


Ron's Very Fast and Sharp 2014 Corvette.  This is a Beast!!!  Put the Black Leather Steering Cover on it, don't think it will make it faster,  just add to the beauty of this car ;^)!    

An Awesome person with an Awesome Car,  Thank you Ron!!!


67 Fore Van Pelt truc


John's Very Awesome Cutomized PT Cruiser.   Lambo Butterfly Doors, custom Grill and hatch lid.  Putting the Cobra Shifter, Fire Mirro and Bullet Door locks, should make it look that much better.  Thanks for the awesome pics and emails John!!!


67 Fore Van Pelt truckBrian's Very Cool and Very Rare Museum Quality Fire Truck!   It is a 1967 Fore Van Pelt Truck. 


Jay's Awesome Suzuki Boulevard.  Blue Led's All Over it.  An Awesome Bike,  really lights up the night! 


Audy's Awesome Black On Black 1996 Ford Cobra.  Has the Matching Cobra Shifter Knob Now, Cool Car! 


Tez's Awesome Suzuki Boulevard M109R With the 3 Blue Led's All Over it.  An Awesome Bike, The Silver Bullet! 


Customer Pics Martin UK Van Hood.jpeg (33281 bytes)

   Martin's Very Cool and Awesome Airbrushed van.  Its all the way over in the United Kingdom so you won't see this bad machine over in the U.S. any time soon.  Has the Skull Theme throughout the Van along with a lot of cool neons.   An awesome Van for an Awesome Customer. Thanks so much Martin for the pictures!!!  Update, Martin sold his Skull Van and has a new toy to work with.  Really Cool Martin, Thanks for keeping in touch!!!



What more can you ask for, not One but Two Awesome Trucks!!! The Black one there was only 2280 and the Red Year there was only 2235.  Really Awesome Rare, Fast Beast's.  Brian can choose Red or Black.  Awesome!!! Thanks for the pics Brian and take care of your babies!



Rick's Very Bright Blue Ford Focus Sedan.  All of the LED's were purchased right here at  I think this is as bright as the Sun.  Were your shades when you ride in this Blue's Mobile!  Thanks for the pics Rick!!!


Lori's Very Cool 2004 Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle.  She put our Blue Skull Lighted Eyes Screws on the License Plate.  The Bike Looks Awesome and the lights make it look even better.  Thank you for the very cool pics Lori!!! 



One of the Coolest Guys you will meet over in the UK.  Michels Very AWESOME Viper at the Raceway in Germany for the Euro Viper Days Event.  He created this VERY COOL and Unique Trophy with our Cobra/Viper Snake Head Shifter.  Look at the Asphalt of Dream Machines, Way too Cool.  Thanks for everything you do Mich!!!! 


Malcolm's Very Awesome Unique Scooter. This is one of the meanest motor scooters!  Has Customer Mirrors and a Custom Skull Cup Holder Built onto the Handle Bar!  What a great idea, functional and cool.  Thanks so much for the pic's Malcolm! 


Steve's very cool Mustang GT with the Black Top.  Has very cool Black Wheels with the Chrome Lip.  Also put in the Black Cobra Floor Mats.  Thanks for the pic Steve! 


Sophies's Awesome 1969 Mustang Grandé all the way over in France.  This is a really nice looking car in GREAT shape half way around the world.  Thanks so much for the picture Sophie!  


Donnie's Awesome 1957 Plymouth that he transformed into a '58 Christine clone. This is one sweet car, I would not want to see those headlights at night on a lone road in the woods, Look Out!  Has the skull lighted screws to top it off, should look even scarier.  Check out his site and story on the car at .  Thanks Donnie for the pictures!!!


Ron's Very Awesome PT Beast in Canada!! This PT Cruiser has everything Side Exhaust, 20" Chrome Wheels, an Engine that you don't want to mess with, Inside has Skulls everywhere, including our Lighted Eyes Skull Cup Holders Check it out!! This has got to be one of the Coolest Cruisers out there.  Custom made Dash and interior, with matching seats and Lambo Doors! As if it isn't fast or cool enough add a bottle of Nitro along an equally cool Mini Chopper!!  Thanks for the Awesome Creation and Pics Ron!!!


Colton's Ford Ford 82 F250 Truck with a 351 Engine.  Colton's Dad Todd saved this truck from the scrap yard and is fixing it up for him.  Will be a Great Classic first vehicle for Colton.  Thank goodness there are people out there that can save classics like this from the crusher.  Can't wait to see it when it's done.  Thanks for the pics Todd and Colton and Good Luck!!!


A Long Time Great Customer with a Very Unique and Awesome Cruiser.  One of a Kind Ride!!  Jim's Pirate PT with a Top Notch Paint Job.  Lambo style doors and reversed hood lid.  Will look great with the lighted eyes Skull Screws.  This Awesome Treasure Ride is fit for a Pirate.  Thanks 4 the Great Pics!! To see more of this Great Car please visit Jim's Site at



Coach's Awesome 05 Mustang.  Fixing it up to be a Cobra Replica.  Thank  you for the great pictures.  An awesome car.  Looks great now and can't wait to see it when done.  Purchased the Cobra Screws and Windshield Washers which will add a unique touch.  Thank you again!!! 


Customer Pics Waynes Ford Truck Side Close.jpeg (19194 bytes)


Wayne's Very Cool raised Ford F150.  An Awesome Truck with the Cobra Emblems on the Sides, the Lighted Purple Cobra Shifter with Blue Eyes and the Purple Skull Pedals.  This Truck looks too clean and nice to go 4 wheelin in.  A Very Cool Truck Wayne, thanks for the great pictures. 


Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Inside Guy.jpeg (16487 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Mirror.jpeg (14494 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Passenger.jpeg (27959 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Plate.jpeg (48164 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Skulls Head.jpeg (22684 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Cup.jpeg (23241 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Inside.jpeg (83936 bytes)Customer Pics  Garry's  Hearse Window.jpeg (81347 bytes)


Garys Awesome Scary Hearse in Vermont.   Has done a lot to it and a lot of the items came from right here at  A VERY CREATIVE and Great Job on this Halloween Hearse.  Really Awsome Gary!  He brings it out every Halloween!!!  Click on the Smaller pictures if you are Brave enough, But Look Out! 



Jill's Very Clean and Cool Toyota Corolla.  She has Butterfly Plate Covers and purchased the Blue License Plate Guards from here.  They go great with your Butterfly Plates.  Thanks so much, Jill! 



Vondas very cool White Firebird.  Has the Lady License Plate on the front.  A very cool car for a very cool lady. Thanks Vonda!! 




Thomas's Very Cool RED Celica.  Awesome Doors and Body Kit! The Red and Black Interior really looks great also with the comfortable looking Racing Seats. Thanks for the Great Pictures Thomas!! 



Gerald's 2005 Texas Chopper.  Awesome Color, Awesome Wheels, Handlebars and Mirrors.  Just a plain awesome Bike! The Bullet Valve Stem Caps look good on it also.  Thanks for the Great Pictures Gerald.  


Thomas's Very Cool 1980 Corvette.  First it was White, now it Mystic, Passion Purple, Teal, Raspberry, and Blueberry.  One of the Best Paint Jobs! Has the Plasma License Plate to go with this awesome ever changing paint.  Thanks for the Great Pictures Thomas!


Keane's Very Cool 99 Eclipse.  Has the 7 Color Shifter and the Manual Red Dragon Pedals.  Looks GREAT on this Bad Red Machine! Really Lights up at night. Thanks for the Great Pictures Keane!


Tammy's Custom PT Cruiser with the Vertical Lift Doors.  AWESOME!!  Took first Place in the Oroville, Ca Car show!  Bought the Auto Flame Green Lighted Pedals which will be a great touch for this show car.  Thanks for the pictures of the great car Tammy


Michaels 94 GT with a 351 Engine. Totally Awesome and Very Fast.  Bought the Cobra RR SVO Hood.  Looks really Great.  Can't wait to see it painted.  Thanks Michael and have fun!


Todd's Very Cool 85 Monte Carlo SS.  Has the Flame Fire Pedals that will look great in this ride.   Thanks for picture and have fun!


Brandon's Awesome Idea. A 15" Plasma Neon inside his computer.  Has a Plexiglas side to show it.  Hooks straight into computer wires.  Awesome!


Pictures Bobs Dragon Miata back.jpg (14502 bytes)Pictures Bobs Dragon Miata Side.jpg (16991 bytes) Pictures Bobs Dragon Miata Close.jpg (16223 bytes) 

Bob's Awesome Miata with the Dragon theme.  Has one of our Lighted Dragon Eyes License Plates on the Back.  Totally Awesome, Looks Great!!!


Rick's Very Fast Boat with a very Cool Full Size Truck.  Installing The Street Glow Under Car lights under the Truck and Boat Trailer.  Very cool at night.  A Great Combination!!!


Cobra Windshield.jpg (15882 bytes)Cobra Front.jpg (27969 bytes)Customer Pics Pauls Cobra Front.jpg (14425 bytes)Customer Pics Pauls Cobra Front Lights.jpg (12623 bytes)Customer Pics Pauls Engine Cobra.jpg (31008 bytes)Customer Pics Pauls Cobra Back Far.jpg (94341 bytes)Customer Pics Pauls Cobra Fender.jpg (45408 bytes)

Customer Pics Pauls Cobra Front Far.jpg (91999 bytes)Customers Pauls Blue License Neon Night.jpg (13644 bytes)Customers Pauls Trunk.jpg (24989 bytes)Customers Pauls Trunk Night.jpg (9693 bytes)Cobra Inside.jpg (20330 bytes)Speakers.jpg (8524 bytes)Customers Pauls AutoTek.jpg (23636 bytes)

Customers Pauls Speaker Box.jpg (6608 bytes)Customers Pauls Speakers.jpg (17452 bytes)Customers Pauls Lightnings Cobra.jpg (5629 bytes) Customers Pauls Colossus.jpg (16921 bytes)Customers Pauls Blue Cobra Shifter day.jpg (24627 bytes)Customers Pauls Blue Cobra Shifter.jpg (11138 bytes)

Customers Pauls Cobra Tailights Blue.jpg (10592 bytes) Click on tail light pic to see them work.

Paul's  Cobra with the Custom Windshield Strip and Speaker Box.  Lots of Neon's Bought from right here at AutoTreasues.Net.  Plus the Ultra Clear Fog Lights and Strut Tower Brace.  Click on pics to make bigger.  An Awesome Touch!! 

Customer Pics Pauls Jetski Mom far.jpg (33385 bytes)

The Jetski that follows the Cobra.  Paul's Mom Modeling the Lake Lightning.  Does 65mph factory.  Really Fast!!!


Customer Pics Coreys 92 Mustang GT.jpg (23122 bytes)Customer Pics Coreys 92 Mustang GT Front.jpg (65465 bytes)

Corey's Clean Awesome 93 Blue Mustang GT!  Has the Skull Shifter on the inside and eventually going with a Skull Theme!! An Awesome Clean 93 GT along with his Attack Chihuahua   ;^), We were informed that it's not a Chihuahua but a Hairless Poodle.  Thanks again!!!



Customer Pics Deveri's 96 Cobra.jpg (12055 bytes)Customer Pics Deveri's 96 Cobra Wheel.jpg (17582 bytes)Customer Pics Deveri's 96 Cobra Interior.jpg (19615 bytes)Customer Pics Deveri's 96 Cobra Engine.jpg (22779 bytes)Customer Pics Deveri's 96 CobraBack.jpg (23705 bytes)Customers Pics Deveri Cobra Red.jpg (18493 bytes)


A Really Cool Repeat Customer's Car!!   Deveri's Cool 96 Cobra with the Cold Air Intake and Saleen Suspension.  Has the Cobra Seat Belt Pads and Saleen Wheels.  Cool Car.  Thanks Deveri!!


Customer Pics 32 Ford  Car.jpg (248568 bytes)Customer Pics 32 Ford Plate.jpg (20956 bytes)Customer Pics Eds 32 Ford.jpg (9780 bytes)

Ed's Dream Car!  A Red 32 Ford.  Has the Lighted and Un-Lighted Skull Screws on this Awesome Maching.   A total Dream Car.  


Floor Mats Mikes Car.jpg (24296 bytes)Floor Mats Mikes Car 2.jpg (18141 bytes)Floor Mats Mikes Car 3.jpg (23061 bytes)

Awesome Floor Mats in Mike's 1989 Red GT bought Specially from here!!   Check them  out and enlarge the pictures to get a better view.  They are Totally Awesome Mike!!  An Awesome Car too!!


Customer Pics Ricks Nissan.jpg (20860 bytes)

Rick's Awesome Nissan in Canada.  Has the Neon Plasma License Plate.  Car looks good at night or day.  Thanks Rick!!


Customer Pics Chads Eclipse Back.jpg (6972 bytes)Customer Pics Chads Eclipse Front Mandy.jpg (9914 bytes)Customer Pics Chads Eclipse.jpg (12440 bytes)Neon Exhaust Tip Blue.jpg (8308 bytes)

The last picture on top  is the Exhaust Tip we sell. Awesome how bright it is!!

Chad's Cool 98 Eclipse.  Bought the Street Glow Blue Gold Series Under car neon's and the Exhaust Tip with the Street Glow License Plate Frames all from  The cops can see him a mile away in this Lighted Neon Display.   Awesome!!!


Customer Pics Demonds Engine.jpg (29143 bytes)Customer Pics Demonds Inside Close.jpg (12200 bytes)Customer Pics Demonds Inside.jpg (15236 bytes)Click on Pictures to make larger.  

Click on this picture to see it in action.  

Demonds very cool  95 Sunfire. Bought the Redline Fader Under kit from us. It is very bright and he is able to control it also!!!  His awesome Stereo Setup sounds just as good as it looks. Wear your sunglasses when you are around this one. Very Cool



Customer Pics Michs Viper Sebring and Bike.jpg (82101 bytes)Customer Pics Michels Viper 3.jpeg (43492 bytes)Customer Pics Michels Viper 4.jpeg (50154 bytes) Click on picture to make bigger.

     Michel's Very Awesome Dodge Viper over in the United Kingdom.  Has the Cobra Snake Valve Stem Caps on the Wheels, a great touch to an Awesome Dream Car.    


  Customer Pics Joe's Mosaic 2.jpeg (132113 bytes)Customer Pics Wendy Cobra.jpeg (68053 bytes)Click on pictures to make bigger.

     Wendy's Mosaic She Custom Made in Memory of Joe.  Joe would be Very Proud.  It is very cool and very Creative.  Great Job Wendy!!  Joe had a Great passion for the Ford Cobra Car.   He had a Red 96 Cobra.  Such a Fan he even named his Cat "Cobra".  His life was cruelly taken from his loved ones  by an mentally disturbed person.  Joe is missed by all who knew him.     



   Farshad's Awesome Bullitt!!!   It's a  2001 Bullitt # 1374 up in Canada.  Has the Bullitt Valve Stem Caps which add a great touch to this Great Car.  Thanks Farshad for the pictures.    


   Mikes awesome 56 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan, Pearl Oxford White over Gray Metallic Flake 292 CID 'Y' Block.   It took Mike over 20 Years to get it in this condition.  You can see it was worth every minute of it. Putting the Blue Moody Hues Lights in the Grille that will be very cool.  Thanks for the pictures Mike and keep that car garaged!!


Pedals Auto Dragon Lighted Blue Manual.jpg (66067 bytes)

 Alfonso's Awesome Neon Blue Interior.  Bought the Dragon Lighted Blue Manual Pedals.  They look really AWESOME!  Also has the LED Neon Tubes to add that awesome effect to the interior.  Really Cool look. Thanks for the pictures!!


 Gary's Awesome 87 Mustang 5.0 Convertible.  He has replaced everything from Convertable top, Transmission, Seats, Tires and Wheels, Paint, and some Motor work!!  It looks awesome and all that hard work has paid off!  Thanks for picture!



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