How to Install Custom Made Lighted Door locks.


First off we highly recommend a professional installation, we are not responsible for improper installation but we will do our best to help you.

  1.     First you need to figure out how to take the head off the door lock very carefully turn it counter clockwise.  It should look like the picture below in step 2. 


  3.     Next you have to take the door panel off.  You have to be able to get to the top of the door lock screws.  Once you get it off you have to check to see if there is enough clearance surrounding the door lock step in the panel for the wire to go down in the door panel.  If there is not you to take a drill bit and round out the door lock hole so there is enough room for the door lock stem and the wire. 

  4.     Once there is enough room you can twist the door lock stem on the door lock screw.  Be careful not to put it on too tight so it will crush the top of the wire.  There should be a rubber grommet in there to help prevent this but still be careful. If you have trouble turning it try using a soft cloth and a pliers but do not squeeze them too hard it will break the stem.  We recommend after it is in place to either tape or zip tie the bottom of the wire around the door lock post down in the door panel.  

  5.     Once you get the door lock stem in place you can set the door panel on it to make sure the door lock will go up and down.  If it does not you may need to repeat step 3.

  6.     If it does go up and down then check the height of it to make sure that the base of the Skull will set evenly with the door when it is locked.  If not you will either need to trim a small portion of your door lock stem, or trim a little of the door lock pin off.  Either way use the proper sharp saw and be careful.  

  7.     Once this is all done you can put the Skull onto the lock.  Turn it counter clockwise.  

  8. Now its time to run the wire.  We recommend using an all weather Speaker type wire that can be from 14 gauge to 18. 

  9.      One of the wires is the positive and the other is the negative.  Take the Negative wire and run it to any unpainted metal on the vehicle. It could be to a screw that is in the car or somewhere under the dash or door sill.  Just as long as it is unpainted, if you can't find one you could always run it to the negative on the battery. 

  10.     The second wire is the positive and has to go to a 12 volt source.  There are several ways of doing this.  My personal favorite is running the wire to a toggle switch that you can get either at a Radio Shack, Lowe's or Wal-Mart.  Any electronics device store. Run the positive side of the new wire to a 12 volt source.  I run mine to the fuse box, like the radio fuse that goes off when the car is off.  If you want them to be on when the car is off then run it to a fuse that is on all the time like the hazard's fuse. You can mount the switch under your dash where ever it is convenient. Then from the other side of the toggle switch take the a new positive wire and this will go to the door locks along with the negative side of the wire that is on the unpainted ground.

  11.     You have to now get the wire from inside of the car out to the door panel.    Most cars have wires running through a rubber hose from the Door to the side of the car.  These can be for power door locks, mirrors, windows.  If you can run it through the tube with the other wires but this may be difficult.  You may try using a metal hanger and straighten it out so it will go through the hose.  If you get it though then Duct tape the positive and negative speaker wire to the end of it and slowly put it through to the door panel.  If you can't get it though the factory hose you may have to get an all weather tape and run the new wire along the hose into the door panel. 

  12. Once you are through the door panel you are almost done.  You just have to run the new wire up to the door lock wire.  You can run it the best route within your door panel.  Everyone is different just be sure not to get it where the window goes up and down. Usually right under the panel works best.  All's you have to do now is connect the positive side of the new wire to the white wire from the door locks and the negative side to the black side from the door locks.  Use either a heat shrink or electrical tape to connect the two wires.   

  13. Now you have a unique Awesome Door lock set unlike anyone you know!!!  Take your time, Be Careful and Have Fun!!!!