94-98 Pair of Ultra Clear Cobra Fog Lights

The Factory Light is on the Right and the New Ultra Clear is on the Left.  See the difference.

This is the very Awesome Ultra Clear Cobra Fog Lights. The come with Bulbs.  They fit in the OEM Factory holes and  will fit a 94-98 Cobra. Very cool and allow more light to shine through, they are clear.  

Cobra Ultra Clear 94-98 Fog Lights $126 Pair


LED White 3157 Car Bulb 5 Bright LED's

This is a very Bright LED Replacement bulb!!  Not some cheap off brand, it is cutting edge, performance accessories, Designed and Engineered In The United States.  It replaces the following bulbs

 3056, 3057, 3156, 3155, 3157, 3356, 3357, 3465, 3457, and 4157

 It fits the following years: 1989-2004 Mustang Taillight, Turn Signals.  

2000-2006 Ford Focus Tail lights and Turn Signals

Fits tons of cars and trucks, Check this site to see if they fit your vehicle.

This is for one bulb but we have many more!!

White LED Auto Bulb 3157 $5




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