Rex "Big Baby" D.



     Rex "Big Baby" everyone's Best Friend, A Wonderful Companion, a True Lover of everyone.  Rex has enlighted our family for over 6 years.  We adopted him in 2004 when he was about 6 months old.  He is a Pitbull that made everyone, I mean everyone who met him change their perception of what the Public views about this breed.  He would love to cuddle with anyone, it did not take long for him to warm up with you, or you to want to take him home with you.  I'll admit we were a little leary on the day we adopted him.  We were told that we should not have kids around him, we should not get any other dogs, especially male dogs.  We were told not to leave him out with other animals alone. 

     We decided after a year to get another dog, we adopted an Border Collie mix.  There were no issues what so ever with them, and yes he is a male dog.  We fostered about 15 puppies with Rex and Smokey our Border Collie, never a problem what so ever.  Finally my wife got the chance to get a Chihuahua mix dog.  We were not even one bit worried about our dog eating him, even hurting him.  So we took the Chihuahua mix and you guessed it another male.  The 3 dogs loved each other, played all the time, loved to swim in Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri any chance they could get. 

     Don't let public perception and bad press scare you.  I would highly recommend a Pit Bull to everyone!!!  Its how you treat them and raise them, they just want to be loved!!!  He was one of the GREATEST Dogs anyone could ask for!!!  Always happy to meet and greet new friends, a Lover, A Best Friend, He will be Deeply missed by anyone that has been blessed to meet him. 

     Love you Rex, Our Big Baby!!!




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