How to Hook up 12 volt items.


     This is how to hook up any of our 12 volt items, including Neon's, License Plate Screws, or any other lighting device.  There are two wires coming out of the device.  If it has as cigarette lighter adapter and you want to run it directly to the car alls you have to do is cut the end of it off.  One of the wires is the positive and the other is the negative.  Take the Negative wire and run it to any unpainted metal on the vehicle. It could be to a screw that is in the car or somewhere under the dash or door sill.  Just as long as it is unpainted, if you can't find one you could always run it to the negative on the battery. 


Positive Wire

      1.  The second wire is the positive and has to go to a 12 volt source.  There are several ways of doing this.  My personal favorite is running the wire to a toggle switch that you can get either at a Radio Shack, Lowe's or Wal-Mart.  Any electronics device store. Run the positive side of the new wire to a 12 volt source.  I run mine to the fuse box, like the radio fuse that goes off when the car is off.  If you want them to be on when the car is off then run it to a fuse that is on all the time like the hazard's fuse. You can mount the switch under your dash where ever it is convenient. Then from the other side of the toggle switch take the a new positive wire and this will go to the Lighted Object along with the negative side of the wire that is on the unpainted ground.

     2.  A second way to hook the positive is straight to the positive terminal on the battery and then run it to a toggle switch. 

     3.  For the License Plate neons and screws, a third way to do it which I would not really recommend unless you know what you are doing is to splice into the tail light wires, they way they will come on when your lights are on.  

I personally like the first way and I have over 8 two way toggle switches in my car so I can have 16 varieties.  Thank you so much for looking.



For best results have it professionally done, this it to help and we are not responsible for any damages caused by misuse.


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